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Looking for Payroll Services or Software?

For over 20 years Brunton has been managing payrolls for small, medium and large companies throughout New Zealand and Australia. From implementation of our very own Brunton Payroll Service or other third party payroll providers, to managing your payroll through our outsource payroll bureau the team at Brunton can manage all your payroll needs. Our technology team can also integrate any payroll service to your Accounting or ERP system to ensure you are most effectively managing your most important resource, your people. Find more about our products and services below.

Outsourced Payroll:

Outsource your existing payroll functions to Brunton for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or short-term support during holidays or staff absence. Utilise our team of trained payroll professoinals to ensure your payroll is compliant and get on with running your business. 

    Outsourced Payroll Provider of the Year 2020 

    New Zealand Payroll Practioners Association    (NZPPA) awarded Brunton "Outsourced Payroll Provider of the year 2020"

    This is an award based on research by the NZPPA and these are some of the comments received.

        "Provided exceptional service"      "Very professional, very supportive"     "Nothing is ever an issue an still isn’t"

        "We achieved efficiency, cost effectiveness & best practice"    "During level 4 lockdown always available at the drop of a hat"

        “For me she [Shelley] is an angel always there to help and support with a smile on her face"

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Brunton Payroll:
Make use of Bruntons very own cloud-based Payroll Service. Complete with all the compliance features for reporting to the ATO and IRD our payroll technology provides complete piece of mind through automated efficiency and detailed reporting. With easy to navigate Windows features, employee login, mobile connectivity, streamlined on-boarding and off-boarding, tax filing and loads of custom reports, the system is the complete payroll solution.  We can integrate the system to any Accounting / ERP system.
Features include: Payday filing, Automatic IRD reporting, Automated leave calculations, Paperless employee on-boarding, Kiwisaver, student loan, PAYE and ACC calculations, Automatic expiry of deductions and allowances, employee self service, mobile apps, Automated pay-runs and more.

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Third-Party Payroll Implementation:  
We can set up a new third-party payroll system to meet your company requirements and integrate this with any Accounting or ERP system. Although we can work with many payroll solutions, our recommended third-party providers include MYOB Advanced People, MYOB Exo Employer Services, and IMS payroll. These can be stand-alone products or we can integrate them with Accounting or ERP systems. 




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green phone icon Call us on +64 9 529 4492 and ask to speak to a Payroll Consultant  


Relief cover for payroll

We offer relief cover when you payroll person takes leave.

Payroll Bureau

Leave the payroll processing to the experts.


Warrant of Fitness checks

Can you be sure that your payroll software accrues annual leave correctly or calculates according to legislation. Get a payroll warrant of fitness to ensure you are compliant.

MYOB EXO Payroll software training

Not sure about your payroll software and need help navigating around. We can help you get the most out of your payroll.


Employment legislation training and consulting

Our courses cover employment legislation and the Holidays Act. You can come along and join one of the course at our premises or we can come to you and have one on one sessions with you.


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