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Case Study

Covered from the floor up

Covered from the floor up

Steve Aschebrock, National Sales and Marketing Director of Inzide Commercial has been a client of Brunton for years. When asked why Aschebrock chose Accredo he replies “we needed a product that was going to allow our company to grow without having to invest in another product within a couple of years. We also wanted a product that was easy for the staff both existing and new to learn and utilise ongoing”.

Inzide Commericial specialize in flooring systems. “We needed to be able to track product by batch, and to have quick access to sales information by customer, Accredo enables us to do this with ease”. Explains Aschebrock. “Brunton respond quickly and efficiently to any requests we have, if it is a new project they quote and give a guarantee for the work completed so we know exactly what we’re getting and can budget accordingly with no surprises. Brunton have been able to configure our Accredo package, with special operations via scripting that has meant Accredo has been hugely adaptable for Inzide Commercial, especially batch tracking of our stock in the warehouse for easy picking and packing which is a major part of our work” explains Aschebrock. “Any upgrades we have required have been seamless, Brunton thoroughly test all upgrades and we receive training on the new features to keep staff up to date along with very informative procedure manuals.”

Steve and his team can write their own customized reports using simple filters and save and download these into excel files for reports, presentations and discussion. “being involved in the sales side of the business, a package that was strong on Sales Analysis was extremely important to me. The fact I can report on product categories and break it down by customer with depth has provided far better insight than we thought possible”. Brunton can also automate functions and set different access permissions via user login ensuring that data is able to be kept confidential from staff when necessary. “We have found Accredo’s ability to automate functions and the quick keys a huge time and cost saver making daily roles more effective. The duplicate contra button which can be used for invoices, credits, journals is a definite favorite of the staff”.

The feature-rich nature of the Accredo system is an ideal fit for a business like Inzide where all the features they need are built-in. “We have found the Team at Brunton great to work with, they go the extra mile for us every time”.

Moving forward, Aschebrock believes they have the support and everything else the business needs to continue improving its performance “Accredo has helped future proof our business needs and we feel extremely prepared for any changes that may happen in the future”.

  • XPO Exhibitions

    "I highly recommend Brunton as a trusted business partner, the calibre of their technicians is second to none. They definitely have a can do attitude and they work with our business to come up with amazing solutions. The solutions Brunton have built for us have changed the way we operate our business.”

    - Anthony Trigg

  • Fluid Power Solutions Ltd

    “We went with Brunton and Accredo because we felt this best suited the FPS business.  FPS has a large customer base including the Fishing and Forestry sectors with its Head Office in Nelson and branches in Greymouth & Blenheim. Being able to pick different Accredo modules to suit our needs was a must and the ability to write and design our own forms and reports has also proven beneficial”

    - Karen Orr

  • Otamatea Kauri & Pioneer Museum

    “Accredo has certainly saved us a lot of time internally and has given us better than we could have imagined information and reporting for our monthly board meetings too. I would recommend the integration to Accredo’s accounting software for any business, its adaptable, easy to work with and you can pull excellent reports to suit your specific requirements.”

    - Colleen Glass