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Brunton Business Products

For over 25 years Brunton has been implementing systems for New Zealand and Australian business. We know your business is only as strong and scalable as the system you build it on. 

In addition to being partners with some of the best software solutions in New Zealand and Australia, Brunton has also developed many products that can stand-alone or be implemented with our Accounting and ERP System partners.  

We can also custom build apps and bespoke systems utilising our in-house design and coding team.

Below are some products we have developed.

Timesheet software

Our cloud-based timesheet software allows small or large team-members to enter their timesheets from their phone tablet or PC. This is then sent to supervisors for approval and then directed to payroll.  It’s fast, simple and accurate and comes with extensive reporting data, reports & insights when synchronised with your ERP or CRM system. Learn More

Scheduling software

 Our scheduling software ensure your store or stores are working in harmony. When you’ve got Scheduling software you can you make a roster quickly and have this communicated immediately to staff via the cloud to their smart phones. Managers and Supervisors can view and manage schedules and resourcing from anywhere on the web. Managers can view the forward roster to check resourcing and capacity and send approvals or declines to requests. Schedular provides detailed views of all staff and their individual schedules, allowing them to see the entire team schedule.  Staff can apply for leave in the app and receive alerts and notifications and the schedular is fully integrated to your Accounting / ERP system. Learn More

Stocktaking software

Are stock-takes one of your biggest nightmares! Our stock taking app makes stock-taking a breeze. With a hand held device or mobile phone you can now keep track of your stock in real time or at the end of the month and have the data synchronise to your Accounting system. Learn More




Point of Sale software

BIZEX POS is a New Zealand designed and built ​cloud-based Point of Sale System. It is ideal for local retail companies that want live accounting and inventory data from one or multiple sites in real time with 24 hour support from local New Zealand staff.

BIZEX POS is for all companies that deal with customers face to face. It is built in the background and implemented in minutes. It runs on the cloud meaning rapid deployment and around the clock service. Best of all, it can integrate with Enterprise Accounting and Inventory Management systems meaning you can see your stock and profit across stores, channels, products, team members and categories in real time. 

Benefits of BIZEX POS

  • TAILORED: Built to adapt to your specific retail workflows 
  • PICTURE BUTTONS:  Product visuals on touch buttons make it childs play
  • FAST TO SERVE: Streamlined user functions to serve customers fast
  • EFTPOS INTEGRATED: Seamless integration with all major Eftpos platforms
  • OFFLINE: When connectivity fails, your POS doesn’t
  • POS HARDWARE: Operates with all POS peripherals
  • DASHBOARDS: Fast view of all key retail metrics by staff, customers, time, category & budget
  • UNLIMITED REPORTS: Both in POS or Accounts – you’ll never want for any data, reports & insights
  • ALL STORE VISIBILITY: Empower all stores with cross chain visibility and functions 
  • LIVE TO ACCOUNTS: Sends all accounting data to company accounts in real-time
We’ve learnt that the best POS software must be child’s play to use, yet have incredible power and intelligence under the lid. That’s how we built BIZEX POS.  We understand that new staff need to transact sales immediately with little or no training. With BIZEX POS staff will login and begin serving and selling within minutes.
​Whatever your loyalty model is now, or you want a plug and play solution that works, consider it live from day one. Customers will enjoy building loyalty currency and can spend their loyalty dollars. Encourage return business by communicating the rewards balances to customers.
​The BIZEX POS enjoys live relationships with enterprise accounting systems including AccredoMYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced.
As the tills are rattling, the accounting system (wherever it may be) is getting pumped with the data. Sales results and KPI data can be viewed in the accounting system as it happens with HO staff seeing it all on live dashboards. The funds at store are in the company bank rec before you can say bank rec.
​If the internet drops out, keep transacting in offline mode. You won’t miss a beat and customers wouldn’t even know.  When the internet is restored, the systems re-sync as though nothing happened.
If you have outgrown your local POS and want enterprise level data then it is time to speak with Brunton About BIZEX POS and how to incorporate this into your retail store(s) Learn More

CRM - Customer Relationship Mamagement software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process by which you engage with your leads, opportunities, teams and customers. 

Your CRM should allow you to:

  • Actively engage with new leads and opportunities.
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders using templates, mail merge, SMS, email and other chat tools.
  • Give you real-time information to help you turn leads into sales.
  • Allow you to track sales from lead to completion.
  • Automate not only your more basic business functions but also the most complex.
  • Eliminate all the double and triple entry, reduce human error and and ensure your employees are focussed on growing your business rather than fixing mistakes.
  • Provide quality, up to date reports on leads, sales, funnels, opt-ins, opt outs, newsletter uptake, repeat clients and so much more.
  • Simplify your busines processes to increase productivity

What Brunton can do for you:

There are many products on the market and choosing the best product can be daunting. That is why during our initial consultation we will discuss your needs, examine your business processes and then present a tailored solution for your business.

With 25 years of Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation experience we have learned to take a holistic look at your business and to find the best cost/benefit ratio for CRM or ERP implementation for your business.

We also have a team of in-house coders and I.T. professionals so we can take an out-of-the-box products and mould it to best-fit your current system, while future proofing your business.

One of our favourite CRM products is Zoho CRM which we have successfully implemented as a stand alone product or a seamless integration with Accredo, MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo and other Accounting / ERP solutions.

If you want to take control of the customer journey and ensure customers have a positive experience with your company then reach out to Brunton and we can advise on the best way to implement a CRM or ERP solution in your business.

Give us a call or complete a Product Request form here and we will get back to you.


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  • XPO Exhibitions

    "I highly recommend Brunton as a trusted business partner, the calibre of their technicians is second to none. They definitely have a can do attitude and they work with our business to come up with amazing solutions. The solutions Brunton have built for us have changed the way we operate our business.”

    - Anthony Trigg

  • Fluid Power Solutions Ltd

    “We went with Brunton and Accredo because we felt this best suited the FPS business.  FPS has a large customer base including the Fishing and Forestry sectors with its Head Office in Nelson and branches in Greymouth & Blenheim. Being able to pick different Accredo modules to suit our needs was a must and the ability to write and design our own forms and reports has also proven beneficial”

    - Karen Orr

  • Otamatea Kauri & Pioneer Museum

    “Accredo has certainly saved us a lot of time internally and has given us better than we could have imagined information and reporting for our monthly board meetings too. I would recommend the integration to Accredo’s accounting software for any business, its adaptable, easy to work with and you can pull excellent reports to suit your specific requirements.”

    - Colleen Glass